March 7 is the vote for SQ 820 to legalize Recreational Marijuana. We have been told by elections boards across the state that the number of first-time voters registering to vote FOR this issue are increasing. Click here to know more about how this will affect you and our state. Already Oklahoma has become the capital for black market trafficking of marijuana in the nation.

April 4 – Tulsa County School Board Elections. This election is EXTREMELY important as we have been unable to get porn out of public school libraries largely due to the school boards! Please do not ignore this vote. We have three I know of so far that NEED to get elected in their areas:


Bixby: Julie Bentley (no primary -Vote April 4th in the general election)

Owasso: Vincent Donaldson – Ward 3

Tulsa: Jared Buswell

Make Your Voice Be Heard!

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