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June 18 is the primary election in Oklahoma and the stakes couldn’t be higher. We are in a battle to keep Oklahoma a conservative state, but it is turning purple, not just because people are being paid to move here from California, but because Conservatives are not getting out to vote. In Tulsa alone the last four elections the voter turnout was 20%, 10%, 10% and 4% respectively. When we don’t educate ourselves on the candidates and then vote with knowledge, we are allowing our cities and state to shift in a direction that isn’t what most of us desire.


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Also watch for updated guides and mark your calendar for additional elections Aug. 27, and Nov. 5



The felony conviction against Trump was a necessity to move ahead with a nefarious plan within the Republican Party to try to disqualify Trump from being the Republican Presidential Candidate.

Click HERE for details on how.

School bonds

School bond issues pushed in off-season elections as “for the students” are hardly that. They may have one good element in a proposal, surrounded by all sorts of bad elements. But those pushing for more of our tax dollars know we are suckers for providing anything that might help the kids. But tucked into those proposals, which their wording doesn’t reveal is the approval of drone corridors. Replacing true educational curriculum with woke curriculum…and more.


Most of us have several propositions on our ballots and no matter what city/state you live in the have oddly similar items. To be sure, when we are presented with a proposal for taxation, they are going to make sure it sounds good. But is it really for our good? For the good of our city?

Do you have proposals on your ballot:

  • Turning a temporary tax to permanent.
  • Improvement of parks, recreation and “other related services” which has become a land grab of private land and business areas for supposed recreational areas, parks, national monuments, environmentally protected areas—that they can control—even if its your property. People are signing away their rights without even knowing it.
  • Hiking trails. Who doesn’t want more hiking trails? Well we don’t when you dig deeper and realize it is part of the 30 x 30 land grab and Smart City push. All the new bike trails, hiking trails, etc are the preparation of the agenda to remove gas powered vehicles for “micromobility” (15 mph or less) transportation. Some of what has been proposed to our county commissioners takes private land—our private land—allowing bike trails, hiking trails and conservation areas to be established right through private property.
  • City Halls and government buildings to be rebuilt and re-established with fire dept, police dept and all government entities in the one building under one roof for complete control.
  • Increasing ambulance and emergency responder services. This sounds good, but isn’t when you understand it is a necessary component in the overall scheme of takeover which must be in place before they continue.

I realize this sounds very “conspiratorial” and the space here does not allow for a deep dive explanation into the devious purposes behind these proposals.

If you want to know more you can click here for a “red pill” of understanding.

For a break down of some of the proposal details and why those don’t help us but hurt us you can click here for issues happening in my area and see how they are similar to yours.

Bottom line is if they are taxing us for anything, no matter how good it sounds right now—just say NO!

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