What are “Smart Cities” and why should we be concerned?

What is a “Smart City/15 Minute City?” It is a model for optimizing resource efficiency at the resource level. Our city governments are developing partnerships with tech companies, private companies, non-profits, etc. to “deliver services to improve our quality of life.”

Sounds great right? Smart phones. Smart meters. Digital dollars. All promoted as a way to go green and help to manage resource use. But what is really behind these “smart cities?” They want to manage access to water, electricity, housing, streets, where we can drive and how far we can drive. And there’s more.

How do we stop the Smart City agenda in place? (Note: These plans are called different things in different cities. In Tulsa it is called “PlaniTulsa.” In Rogers County it is “Reimagine Rogers County.” But when you dig down they are all the same and use all the same “buzz words.”)

Click here for a legal and Constitutional approach to address your County Commissioners.


For a concise summary by Smart City expert – Dr. Julianne Romanello, watch or listen to the links below.

This United Nations “sustainable development agenda” positioned to create “technologically modern urban area that uses different types of electronic methods and sensors to collect specific data. Information gained from that data is used to manage assets, resources and services efficiently; in return, that data is used to improve operations…”

It IS about collecting data for sure to control. It is about creating surveilled, monitored cities in which residents are kept to a 15-minute radius. Don’t think it can be done? It is already happening across the global as these virtual prisons are created through legislation being passed right under our noses.

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PlaniTulsa IS their Smart City plan

One of the ways they fund it is the $2 billion “Improve Tulsa” agenda. It doesn’t improve Tulsa. It impoverishes and enslaves it. For a brief 22-min. overview, click here.

Is Tulsa a TOD smart city?

To see what is being hidden from us, click here.

These are just a few of the buzz words which are your red flag of this agenda.

Buzz Words

New urban agenda


Shared vision

Sustainable future

Transit oriented development


Sustainable mobility

Equitable community

World-class city

Equitable outcomes

Mobility innovation strategy

Sustainable development

Urban density zones

Automobile free zones


Coherent deployment



Complete streets – 15 minute cities

Expanded transit system

Zero emission buildings

Promote pedestrian safety

Common vision

Welcoming/inclusive city

Low carbon development

Land use policy and transfer