The Oklahoma Republican Party is divided as is the case in many states across our nation into two groups: Establishment and Grassroots. The former believe the elected officials hold the power while grassroots believe the people are the ones in power and the elected officials work for us. In Oklahoma, the current GOP State Chair has been an amazing conservative senator in the Oklahoma legislature. However, as the OK GOP Chair, he is someone else completely.

It is like Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde. Months of effort trying to work with him to simply follow the rules and help us grow the Party have been met with silence, locking people out of meetings, refusing to acknowledge the winners of legitimate elections and refusing to publish meeting minutes and resolutions. Worse, he has used conventions and meetings we must attend in order to vote and do business as events he charges for in order to put funds into the GOP bank account since fundraising efforts have been ineffective. This is not how the Party should work.

As a result and the lack of response to appeals for unity and working with us, the State Committee has begun efforts to remove Chairman Nathan Dahm from his seat. He now has the option to either resign, or face removal at the upcoming State Committee meeting called for June 29 in Oklahoma City.

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Did “Improve Our Tulsa” improve or harm Tulsa? Where did the money go?

We spoke out against the monstrosity tax bill of $814 million dollar tax burden put on the shoulders of Tulsans. Even as Mayor Bynum, supported by KRMG and Tulsa World, insisted it wasn’t a new tax, it WAS. An old tax was about to end and God forbid we shouldn’t keep that tax in place. So while Tulsans were already used to shouldering that amount of taxes, to be clear it was a new tax that Tulsans voted on themselves—because they want to help improve Tulsa.

But does it?

What we have learned is that Bynum and his city council are very convincing making sure that each element was somehow connected to roads, bridges, law enforcement.

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