The first 6 Senate bills here are related to Agenda 2030 goals where they are coming for your land and water by eminent domain, a declaration of scarcity and need for sustainability so they will be measuring and monitoring you. You decide:

SB1447 Economic development; Oklahoma Modern Plan for Economic Transformation and Effectiveness (COMPETE) Act; the Division on Economic Development , Growth and Expansion.

(Sen. K. Thompson/Osburn)

SB1863 Local Development Act
; expands areas where a county is authorized to create certain districts. (Sen. Stewart)

SB1469 Public Finance; Oklahoma Public Infrastructure Districts Act allowing for the implementation of public infrastructure districts in Oklahoma. (Sen. Haste)
(AGENDA 21.  For resource management and economic development, TIFs, special funding zones, etc.)

SB1341 Critical groundwater management; Oklahoma Water Resources Board. Active metering for existing permit holders by Nov. 2027 for SUSTAINABILITY!  (Sen. Howard)

(So on the opinion of ONE person (working for the 19 sustainable development goals of the UN?) you can have your personal well water shut down; therefore, you will be unable to live there, water your livestock, water your pasture/crops.  LAND GRAB using a sneaky back door approach).

SB1569 Amends the Oklahoma Carbon and Sequestration Enhancement Act; duties of the Oklahoma Conservation Commission. (Sen. Rader/Boles)

(Carbon capture is a SCAM based on fake “science”. Human beings and all living creatures are CARBON BASED LIFE FORMS! Also, all plant life requires carbon to stay green and alive).

SJR16 Constitutional amendment authorizing public infrastructure districts in Oklahoma. Haste. Has been placed on General Order ready for Senate hearing and vote already.

SB1618 Allowing municipalities to create parking meter benefit districts. (People who object to having their property taken can voice that at a meeting) (Sen. Garvin)

SB1807 Creating the County Economic Development Act of 2024. May use organizations “programs” like INCOG and levy 2% sales tax in the county after a special election. If the measure fails, they can do another special election in 6 months. They can do an initiative petition for 5% of voters needed calling for a special election. (They have been doing these INCOG “programs” in every city nationwide to cause indebtedness and now branching out into the counties). The taxes collected must be used for a specific purpose including paying off debts and WEATHER MODIFICATION! What happens when the people are unable to pay enough taxes and the county defaults on the loan? (Sen. Garvin)

SB1815 Allows county commissioners to remove “dilapidated” (in whose opinion?) buildings within 300 yards of state highway 66 and state “scenic byways”. (What is the definition of a “scenic byway”? This is called CONDEMING PROPERTY TO USE EMINENT DOMAIN TO TAKE IT FROM YOU). (Sen. Newhouse)

SB1989 Authorizing boards of county commissioners with the secretary of elections to authorize employees 3 days paid leave to be a precinct official, absentee voting board member or other election worker. (Sen. Haste)

We support:

  • House Bill 3541: Defending Oklahoma jobs by protecting the timber, mining, and agriculture industries from the threat of ESG.
  • House Bill 1617: Defending Oklahoma values by clarifying the fiduciary duty of those managing Oklahoma’s pension funds – they must only consider financial factors and ensure Oklahoma’s shares are voted only according to the financial interest of the plan’s participants.

Did “Improve Our Tulsa” improve or harm Tulsa? Where did the money go?

We spoke out against the monstrosity tax bill of $814 million dollar tax burden put on the shoulders of Tulsans. Even as Mayor Bynum, supported by KRMG and Tulsa World, insisted it wasn’t a new tax, it WAS. An old tax was about to end and God forbid we shouldn’t keep that tax in place. So while Tulsans were already used to shouldering that amount of taxes, to be clear it was a new tax that Tulsans voted on themselves—because they want to help improve Tulsa.

But does it?

What we have learned is that Bynum and his city council are very convincing making sure that each element was somehow connected to roads, bridges, law enforcement.

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