State of Oklahoma:

Upcoming Legislation of which we need to be aware:

Our legislators are working to restore election integrity to Oklahoma. They are in the process of striking ERIC from a law passed in April of 2021. HB2052 has passed out of the Oklahoma House of Representatives and is now in the Senate. HB2052 hasn’t been assigned to a committee as of yet, as soon as it is, we will start alerting our participating groups to take action. What is ERIC and how is it dangerous? CLICK HERE

HB 1011 – to protect underage children from healthcare professionals attempting to provide, or who provide a referral for puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and gender reassignment surgeries for healthy people under the age of 21. Studies show that 100% of children who are put on puberty blockers will go on to use cross-sex hormones which leaves them permanently sterile.

House Bill 1947 – Ensures taxpayer dollars are not spent with companies that are pushing the ESG agenda. Oklahoma should ensure they only do business with companies and financial institutions that share an interest in the state’s profit, not ones that actively discriminate through ESG policies against the state’s economic interests. 

House Bill 2777 – This bill makes clear that those investing Oklahoma’s state pensions shall act in the sole financial interest of the shareholder and may not promote ESG goals. State investments should be invested to get the highest return – not to advance the Left’s political or social agenda. HB 2777 also ensures Oklahoma’s investment shares are voted according to Oklahoma values, not work corporations.

ESG is short for environmental, social, and governance. Advocates on the Left commonly describe ESG as criteria for making strategic investment decisions to aid environmental or social causes, but in reality, companies that adopt ESG policies risk failing Americans who have invested their savings and bought ownership stock in the company. It would require public companies to appoint board members based on race and sex and require greenhouse gas emissions to be reported. ESG would destroy American workplaces move our society into dangerous dependence on foreign oil, creating social credit scores, and demanding investment decisions based on pro-abortion policies.

While We Were Sleeping:

  1. OK HB2114 – which would enable illegal aliens to get an Oklahoma Driver’s license.
    1. This works hand in glove with the attempt to keep ERIC.
  2. Tulsa area – “Welcoming, Safe, Inclusive” City Resolution passed which elevates one people group above others. Although city councilors said the language which did that was removed. It was only removed at the top of the resolution and one other section. It is still very much present in other parts of the resolution. Click here to read.

The Tulsa city councilors changed the rules for the crowd they favored giving them additional time to speak, when they have restricted time to speak for groups they disfavor in previous meetings. They allowed name-calling and cat-calling initially. Click here for national story of what took place.

Recreational Marijuana BLOCKED!

  • Click here to know more about how this will affect you and our state. Oklahoma has already become the capitol for black market trafficking of marijuana in the nation.
  • Quick Facts about the Recreational Marijuana issue: Click here.


S.B. 613 which protects Oklahoma’s children from permanent damage by prohibiting cross-sex hormones and genitalia altering surgeries, or recommending them, for anyone under the age of 18.

This legislation from Senator David Bullard and Nathan Dahm passed the Senate and now goes to the House.

It protects our kids body altering procedures, such as hormone treatment and surgeries that remove or severely alter healthy body parts, cause irreversible damage that will impact children for the rest of their lives.


  • After “sex reassignment surgery”, boys and girls are nearly 20 times more likely to die from suicide than the general population.
  • Up to 98% of children who struggle with body dysphoria grow to accept their biological sex by adulthood.
  • The long-term effects of puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones have not been extensively studied. But it’s already clear they can lead to infertility and other irreversible harm.

Our children should be protected and cared for. Body dysphoria, depression and anxiety, and the awkwardness of puberty are all real challenges that deserve compassion. However, we should not allow our children to be pushed by radical activist groups into experimental surgeries and drugs.

Please tell your OK Representative to vote in conjunction with SB 613!


Tulsa Area

On Feb. 28 the Tulsa Metro Planning Commission will be voting to push through the PlanITulsa “update” which will fast-track Tulsa to become Smart City or 15 Minute City in accordance with the U.N. While we cannot speak at that meeting, we need to attend and watch the City Councilors Wednesday Meeting agendas for this and other issues they are pushing through to recreate Tulsa.

If you want to know more about the Smart City Agenda, click here.

On March 1, there is an LGBTQ+ agenda that will be voted on in the 5:00 p.m. City Councilor meeting for Tulsa to be an “inclusive welcoming city.” We already are. Those who identify as such already have the same rights as any other citizen. We need to be asking just what is in that proposal, which is “inclusive” to the small minority of LGBTQ+ citizens and exclusive of the rights of the majority of citizens. Be aware. Call your city councilor and tell them to vote NO. Show up at the meeting and speak up. Tulsa and Oklahoma City are on a fast-track with the U.N. for socialism control.


April 4 – Tulsa County School Board Elections


My recommendations:

Bixby: Julie Bentley

Owasso: Vincent Donaldson – Ward 3 

Tulsa: Jared Buswell


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