How Do We Stop Voter Fraud?

Voter fraud has been perpetuated in many ways. One of the ongoing areas is through “ERIC” a membership organization supposedly created for voter roll maintenance. In reality, it is a massive data-gathering operation that adds bogus “voters” to the system of every member state. It has already been removed from five states as legislators have woken up to the danger of this system.

ERIC was started in 2012 using George Soros funds donated through the Pew Charitable Trust. It was conceived and organized by a highly unethical leftist elections attorney named David Becker, who has spent a lifetime trying to defeat the conservative agenda in America.

What information does ERIC demand from our Election Secretary every 90 days from the DMV and other state agencies?

  • Your NAME
  • Your ADDRESS
  • Last (4) digits of your SOCIAL SECURITY
  • Your VOTER ACTIVITY – WHEN and HOW you last VOTED

Additionally, ERIC transfers your personal data to the Zuckerberg-funded Center for Electronic Innovation (CEIR). CEIR then injects bias by using a voter’s cell phone and email information to send out their propaganda.

It also uses “Rock the Vote” and other get-out-the-vote efforts to sell your personal information to third-party vendors.

Our legislators, after much lobbying from the public, is in the process of striking ERIC from law passed in April of 2021. HB2052 has passed out of the Oklahoma House of Representatives and is now in the Senate. HB2052 hasn’t been assigned to a committee as of yet, as soon as it is, we will start alerting our participating groups to take action.

The only way to get ERIC stopped in Oklahoma is through phone calls, emails, and visits to the legislators. Please help! 


Another area which opens the door to ongoing voter fraud is with legislation currently in our Congress to provide driver’s licenses for illegals.


SB669 / HB2114 (driver’s licenses for illegals), were bills run for the 2023 session. Both bills failed to pass their respective Chambers but are still available for hearing in the 2024 session.  Another hearing in 2023 would require an exception from leadership (not likely).  So this is still a huge concern. They tried to pass this in 2022.


Objections to Drivers Licenses for Illegals

There are multiple objections to these bills, but here are the voter registration concerns.

SB669 Language:  CLICK HERE

  • The SB669 (2023) and SB1591 (2022) would allow 30,000+ individuals living in Oklahoma to obtain driver’s licenses. A driver’s license is the typical identification used at voting polls. A small “NR” for non-resident on the license could easily be overlooked in a voting process. It is one more step toward a gateway for illegal voters to enter our already conflated rolls filled with people who are either dead or have moved but not removed. Additionally, the voter registration application asks for a driver’s license #. The election board official might never see the license itself.

Did you know requiring proof of citizenship to register to vote is illegal?

Why would it be illegal to verify citizenship except to open the door to illegals? However, the National Voting Rights Act of 1993 does just that plus it passed with bi-partisan support. The need for the bill has been positioned as a racial issue. But you either are or aren’t a citizen. It has nothing to do with skin color. Verifying citizenship is a protection for election and voting integrity. Only citizens can vote.

Another Concern:

The auditing process to identify voter registrations belonging to illegals who obtain driver’s licenses under the bill is flawed:

  • The list of data supplied fails to include the drivers license number, which would likely be the unique identifier in the voter registration.  Names, birth dates and addresses would not be effective in matching since people often use variations on their names and some move frequently.
  • For example, suppose an individual obtains a drivers license as Charles Jones, born 1/15/1950, living at 116 Sally Street, Edmond.  The same person registers to vote as Chuck Jones, born 1/15/1950, living at 2000 NW Ginger Street, Oklahoma City.  Neither the name or address matches and this person will stay on the voter rolls.  The Election Board cannot remove voters without a definitive match.

There are definitely other concerns about these bills. Please contact your legislator and say “NO!” so that these bills are not resurrected.