Parental Rights are Under Attack

Parental rights are under attack and so is OK Superintendent Ryan Walters. Why? Because he has taken decisive action standing in the way of the perversion being passed as education in Oklahoma public schools.

Walters is acting in response to complaints from parents across the state regarding the presence of pornographic and sexually explicit content within school libraries.The NEA and OEA would have you believe he is trying to “ban books.” That is the lie. What he is working to do is remove pornography sitting in school libraries.

Despite Superintendent Walters’ efforts to address these concerns, Edmond Public Schools (EPS) is suing the agency1. They arrogantly believe they know more than the parents. EPS initially agreed to remove some objectionable material from their curriculum and libraries following complaints. However, they have reversed this decision under pressure from external groups, associations, and unions. EPS is now suing the State Department of Education (SDE).

This lawsuit is an attempt to tie the hands of the State Department of Education’s authority to remove pornographic and sexualized content from any school library, effectively advocating for unrestricted access to such material for our children. The media paints a different story, but did into this issue yourself. EPS is trying to sway public opinion by pretending the lawsuit is only about two books. But the reality is that their lawsuit challenges the overall ability to protect children from this sexually explicit material.

The Edmond Public Schools lawsuite has been to keep pornographic and sexualized content in the hands of children which has now expanded into Deer Creek, Mid-Del, and Oklahoma City Public Schools. But make no mistake similar battles are in many of the public schools in Oklahoma as those in positions to protect our children are the ones behind what harms them.

This is in no way an isolated incident2. EPS has a history of disregarding parental concerns and pushing extreme views into our schools. From losing legal battles over vaccine mandates3 to allowing girls to be put in unsafe environments4, to invasive strip searches of teenage girls5 they are now leading the charge to have zero oversight in what sexualized content can be put into the hands of children6, their actions are deeply concerning.

If this lawsuit by EPS succeeds, it sets a dangerous precedent. It would strip Walters and the State Dept of Education of its power to uphold standards of innocence in our schools and remove the requirement for districts to review their library media materials. They do not want us to have the ability to review what they are doing. The result, if this succeeds is our children ongoing exposure to this sexualized, inappropriate material without oversight or accountability.

What do these books contain? Click for the list of Current Books

Warning, though, that it contains sexually explicit content.

It includes excerpts that are graphic and shocking. It is samples of books that are currently awaiting our Library Media Advisory Committee’s evaluation. It has been verified that these books have been found in public schools in Oklahoma.

If this lawsuit by Edmond Public Schools is successful, these books will remain in the libraries of your kids and grandkids.

Here is a link to a list of Removed Books. Warning, it also contains samples of the sexually explicit content in the books that have been removed so far. However, these books will be put back on public school library shelves if the EPS lawsuit is successful.

What is wrong with these people?

Schools are supposed to be safe places. We cannot allow this to happen. We must stand together to protect our children from exposure to this inappropriate material in their educational environment. We must speak up. Will you join us in this fight?

If you have bought into the lie of the media that Superintendent Walters is the “bad guy” in this fight, then you need to dig deeper. I often refer to him as the Donald Trump of Oklahoma. They want to remove him because he stands in their way.

I encourage every parent to begin a searh into their child’s library database for these books and if found report them to immediately. To learn how to do that click here for “Ten Vital Steps to Remove Porn from Your Child’s School Library.”


  1. Contact your district superintendent and local school board and ask that they show support for the SDE Library Media rule.
  2. Contact your local representatives (find a list here) and voice your concerns about sexualized content being available to minors in public schools if Edmond succeeds in overturning this rule. Ask them to show support for the SDE Library Media rule.
  3. Raise awareness on social media and throughout your community and ask others to contact their local representative, district superintendent, and local board members as well.
  4. Stay up-to-date on this issue at: X: and or on Facebook: and